Uterine Myoma

Some of the symptoms associated with a uterine myoma include hyper menorrhea and the patient will be suffering from lower abdominal pain. Some of the other symptoms include lumbago and dymenorrhea. It also cases irregular vaginal bleeding, dizziness and anemia leading to fatigue. In most cases, the uterine myoma is present in benign form and it may not be progressive as it grows at a very slow rate.

Sometimes, especially in the pregnant women the uterine myoma may grow at a very fast rate and this leads to various complications. Typically the normal size of uterine myoma may be very small like to a nodule of 1 mm, but it may also grow to the size of an egg. When the myoma spread to the entire wall of the uterus, the condition is referred to as uterus myomastus. Sarcoma is a condition where there is carcinogenic activity in the tumor and it has become a malignant tumor.

Uterine myomas often go undetected as it does not show evident symptoms in most women. Although it has been detected during the productive years of a woman, the doctor may need to investigate with CT scans, x rays and MRI’s before confirming the presence of the tumor in the uterus. One does not need to perform a hysterectomy in order to control the disease as various laparoscopic methods are easily available.

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