Collapsed Lung

Collapsed Lung is a pathological state of the lungs where a part of it is collapsed and gas exchange is not taking place.Today, there is a rapid increase in environmental pollution that is leading to various respiratory ailments. There are large numbers of patients who suffer from various complications associated with collapsed lung. A collapsed lung leads to a condition where the entire lung or a part of the lung collapses due to the space that is formed between the lung and the chest cavity.

The space if formed due to the formation of a hole in the lung or it may have been caused due to the presence of air in the chest cavity thus causing the collapsed lung. In this condition the process of transfer of oxygen to the blood is greatly impaired leading to various complications. When there is a collapsed lung it could lead to respiratory failure. In some cases a collapsed lung can be fatal if it does not get immediate medical attention.

When an individual is suffering from a condition of collapsed lung he will have a severe lung pain that is associated with difficulty in breathing. In some patients there will be rapid breathing that is associated with uncontrollable coughing and the chest has a misshapen appearance .There are various tests that are applied for investigation of collapsed lungs. A physical exam is followed by chest X ray and ECG in order to determine the condition of the collapsed lung. There are various other tests like the pulse oximeter, blood tests and blood gases that are strategic for confirming the diagnosis.

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