Most women especially in the reproductive years, may suffer from a benign growth in the uterine lining that is referred to as myoma. Initially, a myoma may be present as a benign growth in the smooth lining of the uterus and if undetected it may also turn malignant. Often referred to as a fibroid tumor, the myoma is solid and made up of fibrous tissue.

This type of benign tumor may vary in size and since it grows at a very slow pace, it does not show any symptoms. It has been found that only one quarter of the women who has myoma shows symptoms and needed medical treatment. The size of  myomas may vary from 1mm to 20 cm in diameter and it may be present as a single module or may be found in the form of cluster of nodules.

In the earlier days, women who were detected with a myoma were advised hysterectomy. But today with advancements in the field of technology there are many non invasive methods for uterine fibroid treatment. The outpatient MR guided focused ultrasound myomas treatment is being widely applied as it is very convenient. Moreover it has been found that myomas in pregnant woman may develop at a very fast rate.

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