Pyloric stenosis

Pyloric stenosis is mostly observed in newborn babies between the age ranges of three to six weeks. When there is pyloric stenosis in baby, his condition would be worsened by recurrent vomiting. The vomiting may be analyzed and when there is absence of bile and it is a projectile vomiting then the doctor may conduct further investigations in order to confirm pyloric stenosis in the newborn baby.

There are some babies where there may be excessive weight loss and dehydration while other babies may be having normal weight. When there is dehydration in the baby suffering from pyloric stenosis, he will be crying without any tears and he will be having less dirty diapers. He may be constantly hungry, belching and colic are some of the other signs associated with babies suffering from pyloric stenosis.

Ina typical case of pyloric stenosis, the doctor may recommend surgery. But when a baby with stenosis is admitted in the emergency ward he will have to be rehydrated with intra venous fluids in order to replenish the electrolyte balance. In the nest step the surgeon will conduct a pyloromyotomy. This is also referred to as the armstedt’s procedure where the small incision is made in the muscle of the pylorus in order to open up the outlet for passage of food into the duodenum.

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