Smokers Lungs

If you have just quit smoking but cannot stop fantasizing about smoking cigarette, here is some help. There are various images of smokers lungs that show you how much damage smoking can do to your lungs. There are many people who think that when they are smoking they could be exhaling most of the smoke, so there is no point of worry, but they are wrong.

There are various experiments that can be used to demonstrate the condition of a smokers lungs. If you take a Palmolive bottle with a mouthpiece and  attached to it to a cigarette that has been lit, then you will be able to view the amount of smoke that remains inside your body while only a  small fraction ,almost  ten percent is exhaled through the lungs.

The smokers lungs would be highly damaged and lead to various respiratory complications. The individual may also suffer from various other underlying problems that are associated with excessive smoking. So when you see a friend smoking cigarette you may be tempted to try one, but if you wait and watch your friend you will see that it can cause smokers lungs and you definitely do not want that. So the road to good health and vitality is to quit smoking s it is potentially injurious for your health as well as your family.

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