When an embolus is present in large numbers it is referred to as emboli and it has immense importance as it can easily block the arterial capillary beds. The embolus may be a mass of solid , liquid or gaseous molecule that is transported to the arterial blood vessels through the circulatory system. In contrast to the embolus there are other forms of blockages that are sedentary in nature and they are formed by thrombi and are known as atheroma or thrombi.

There are various forms of embolus as there is thromboembolism that comprises of blood clot that is referred to as embolism of thrombus. In case of cholesterol embolus the composition of the embolus is atherosclerotic in nature . Fat embolism as the name suggests could be fat droplets of bone fracture. Air embolism is also referred to as gas embolism and this contains an embolus of air bubbles.

A septic embolism is pus contain bacteria that is transported to various parts of the body and leads to spread of the disease. In tissue embolism there will be tiny particles of tissue. A foreign body embolism comprises of foreign material or there substances that may have entered the body by accident this include talc and other foreign object. In case of amniotic  embolism , parts of  fetal cells and other debris may enter the mother’s body. They will pass through the placenta and enter the blood stream in the mother’s body and they may cause allergic reaction.

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