Pulmonary emboli

Pulmonary emboli is the term used to describe the condition where there are more than one embolus found in the pulmonary system. It has been found that when pulmonary emboli are present they maybe potentially dangerous and life threatening. There are reports of patients who were found to have pulmonary embolism died within a few hours after that. Therefore when it comes to dealing with emboli the medical practitioners follow aggressive measures in diagnosis and therapy.

But due to lack of evident signs and symptoms it is difficult to detect pulmonary emboli and this can lead to death of the affected individual. In fact it has been found that a large number of patients who are detected with emboli die in the subsequent episode. The occurrence of Pulmonary emboli is referred to as Venus thromboembolism because it is common in the veins, and this is a complicated  condition that can be life threatening too.

When there are pulmonary emboli present they may lead to acute respiratory problems . This condition leads to an increase in the volume of dead alveolar tissue leading to pnemoconstriction, hypoxemia and hyperventilation. It has been found that out of every thousand patient suffering from respiratory illnesses, at least one will be having pulmonary emboli. Moreover statistical studies reveal that pulmonary embolism is more prevalent in blacks as compared to whites.

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