Rebound hypertension

Rebound hypertension is a condition where the blood pressure levels are elevated when the patient abruptly stops or reduces the intake of hypertensive medication. In severe cases, the patient may also require immediate medical aid. When the blood pressure medication is reduced or stopped, it may lead to very high levels of blood pressure that if untreated can lead to organ damage.

Thus, in order to avoid complications one must follow all guidelines while taking blood pressure medication. If the doctor recommends low dose then one will have to reduce the dosage gradually in order to prevent various complications. The rebound hypertension is relatively asymptomatic and it leads to increased blood pressure with diaphoresis, rapid pulse rate, anxiety and other conditions that may eventually lead to organ damage.

Therefore, while purchasing hypertensive medication, one must follow all instructions and purchase original medicines and there must be gradual weaning from the medication; that is done under the guidance of a clinician. One can also constantly monitor the blood pressure levels in order to prevent rebound hypertension. This impossible with the various home testing equipment that is available in the market. These include cholesterol testing tools, blood pressure monitoring devices. One must also look out for symptoms that indicate immediate elevation in the blood pressure level and rebound hypertension that  needs immediate medical aid.

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