Pyloroplasty and Vagotomy

Pyloroplasty and Vagotomy are surgical methods that are applied for the resection or partial severing of a part of the gastrointestinal system; and it is used for the treatment of perforated duodenal ulcers. There are many controversies, regarding the decision for pyloroplasty and vagotomy for resolving the defect. Therefore, many studies have been conducted and are based on studying the effectiveness so pyloroplasty and vagotomy for the treatment of duodenal ulcers.

A large number of patients suffering from duodenal ulcers were provided surgical treatment with pyloroplasty and vagotomy with no additional medication. The study involved the application visick scale in order to evaluate the results of the surgery. It was found that the morbidity and mortality rates were the same for pyloroplasty and vagotomy.

There were no major changes in the post surgery symptoms after the surgeries, although there were different rates of recurrent ulcers but this does not have any significant statistical values. Moreover many medical practitioners till prefer the simple closure method over pyloroplasty as well as  vagotomy, as it is considerably safe and does not involve any complications. Thus patient suffering from duodenal ulcers can be treated by simple closure or pyloroplasty with vagotomy method. The choice of the surgical method will also depend on associated complications with the duodenal ulcers.

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