Finney Pyloroplasty

The finney pyloroplasty is performed when there is excessive bleeding in the duodenum and the surgery requires a longer incision on the duodenum. Thus the finney pyloroplasty is ideally used for the closure of fibrotic duodenum. In certain cases where there is excessive scarring of the pylorus canal, heineke mikulicz pyloroplasty cannot be performed and therefore finney pyloroplasty would be preferred.

There are various preoperative procedures that be conducted before  performing the finney pyloroplasty. A nasogastric tube will have to be inserted in order to control excessive bleeding in the duodenum. This is used for endoscopic methods of diagnosis of bleeding and other associated symptoms with pyloric obstruction. In certain cases where the patient has other complications like peptic ulcers the nutrition will be provided by parenteral means.

A finney pyloroplasty is known to provide enlargement t of the outlet leading to better drainage of the content of the stomach. Other considerations before conducting finney method of  pyloroplasty include a prescription of deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis and antibiotics. During the surgery a Kocher maneuver may be required for extensive duodenal mobilization. Therefore when the ulcer is present at a distance of 4 to 5 cm, then Finney type of pyloroplasty would be highly preferred as compared to the heineke mikulicz pyloroplasty.

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