When a patient is suffering from disorders that are related specifically to the lungs and the associated respiratory system then he may be referred to a pulmonologist. A pulmonologist is a specialist who holds a doctor of medicine degree from recognized medical school, after graduation he completes an internship program in hospital.

This is followed by a residency program during which he practices under the supervision of experts in medicine. Another two to four years in the field of pulmonary medicines will make him a pulmonologist and he practices independently after attaining a board certification.

Today with high levels of pollution in the environment, many people are suffering from respiratory problems and they must refer to a pulmonologist for treatment. There are various pulmonologists available in a hospital emergency ward or they may be practicing from their own private clinics. There is treatment for various diseases like mild or chronic asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer and pneumonia.

The pulmonologists will be making use of various equipments like a stethoscope that is used in order to listen to the sounds coming from the lungs. He may use a bronchoscope in order to check inside the airways. When he has to check the lung capacity, he will make use of aspirometer. Imaging scans and blood tests are some of the tests that are used in order to investigate a disease.

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