PPH or Primary pulmonary hemorrhage

Primary pulmonary hemorrhage or pph is a condition affecting large number of people and there are various services that are specifically dedicated to providing cure and therapy for this disease. Pph is a condition that is associated with the minute blood capillaries that are found in the lungs. Each of these capillaries is very small and allows the passage of blood into the lungs.

The anatomy of each capillary reveals an internal epithelial lining that is surrounded by smooth muscle cells. When an individual is affected by pph, it may lead to depletion of the epithelial lining. Thus as a result of this the blood oozes out of the capillaries. When this happens there will be a reduction in the amount of blood that is being supplied to the lungs and this can lead to various complications.

In case of pph the smooth muscles of the capillaries would be constricted and the individual will be suffering room dizziness, exhaustion and fainting that may lead to heart failure. Some of the organizations that are dedicated to research and contributions in the area of pph include national institute of health, pulmonary hypertension association, united therapeutics corporation and William Harvey medical research foundation.

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