Chromatography , fluorescence detection tests  and pah indicator strips are some of the techniques that are supplied for the detection of pah in various substances. Pah is the abbreviation for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that are commonly referred to as polyaromatic hydrocarbons or polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons. In short, pah when present in the atmosphere is considered as a pollutant. This is a pollutant that comprises of aromatic rings and it does both comprise of any heteroatoms.

Anthracene is a pah and it is known to cause serious complications in human beings. Pah’s can cause various mutations in the genetic makeup and they are also known to be carcinogenic in nature. Pahs are also tetragenic and they  are mostly found in oil, coal and tar deposits. They may also be produced as byproduct of degradation of bio mass of bio fuel. It has been found that pahs are also contained in food material like cereals. They are also contained in fats and oily substances as well as several vegetable sand cooked meats.

Pah when present in the prenatal condition can lead to various complications in the baby like childhood asthma and low levels of intelligence quotient. Other anomalies associated with pregnancy and child birth like very low range of birth weight, premature delivery and anomalies in the formation of heart in the fetus have been attributed to exposure to various pahs pollutants during pregnancy.

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