Degraded gelatin polymer or Polygeline is a polypeptide with average MW 30,000 which exerts oncotic pressure similar to albumin and is not that antigenic. www.copy-swiss.me

Hypersensitivity reactions are rare with Polygeline, but should watched for.

It is a colloid, which is a type of fluid heavier than the commonly used fluids that are called crystalloids. www.replicaswis.com watches store online

Polygeline does not interfere with grouping and cross- matching of blood arid remains stable for three years. It is not metabolized in the body; excreted slowly by the kidney.

Expansion of plasma volume with Polygeline lasts for 12 hours. It is more expensive than dextran. https://www.best-watches.cc/ replica-swiss.xyz

It can also used for priming of heart-lung and dialysis machines. replica watches

Hypersensitivity reactions like flushing, rigor, urticaria, wheezing and hypotension can occur with Polygeline. https://www.aaawatchesreplicas.com/

Other colloids commonly available are HAEMACCEL and SERACCEL which come as 500 ml vac. (as 3.5% solution in balanced electrolyte medium). www.buywatcheswiss.com

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