Lovenox is an anticoagulant commonly in use. It is the commercial name for Enoxaparin and is produced by Sanofi-Aventis.

Lovenox is treatment of deep venous thrombosis ( DVT) and Pulmonary embolism. It is recently been prescribed tretment as well as prevention of acute coronary syndromes like unstable angina.

Lovenox is a low molecular weight heparin used to prevent blood from clotting in the body. It is given as a subcutaneous injection.

Lovenox is also used in other thrombotic diseases like venous thromboembolism. Other uses of lovenox include atrial fibrillation, Myocardial infarction, Orthpedic surgeries and other places were there is increased chanses of thr blood getting clot.

Lovenox and aspirin are used in combination for acute caronary syndromes. Its use in surgeries like Abdominal, knee and hip replacement surgeries is again to decrease thrombus formation, which are common in such surgeries.

If such a thrombus is formed in the veins, it can get dislodged and enter the circulation, ultimately causing embolism or obstruction to the blood flow of the lungs or the heart.

Its common side effects are bleeding, easy bruising, thrombocytopenia, headache, abdominal and chest pain.

The effect of Lovenox is reversed  with Protamine, just like with heparin although it is not as effective.

The use of Lovenox is increasing because it is a low molecular weight heparin with little side effects and easily titrable doses and controllable effect.

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