Isolated Systolic Hypertension

You must have heard that smoking, age, diabetes, stress and obesity are life threatening diseases as they increase the blood pressure levels. It actually means that the individual may suffer from isolated systolic hypertension. When there is an increase in the upper blood pressure, reading, it probably indicates that it is a classic case of isolated systolic hypertension. This type of hypertension is mostly observed in older people with multiple complications.

When there is isolated systolic hypertension, the doctor may prescribe changes in diet and lifestyle. In severe cases the doctor may also prescribe blood pressure medication .If the individual is overweight, reducing excess weight will bring down the isolated systolic hypertension levels to normal range. Changes in diet like low salt which is aimed at achieving dietary approaches in order to stop hypertension.

When an individual suffering from diabetes has high levels of isolated systolic hypertension then it is important to bring the blood sugar levels under control while taking increased dosage of medication for hypertension. Moderate exercise and moderate to active lifestyle will also bring down the blood pressure. It has been found that stress and anxiety can also lead to higher level of isolated systolic hypertension. There are various home blood pressure testing tools that are made available for convenience.

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