Home Accident – What to Do

Any serious home accident, like falls and fractures or burns, will require the help a general surgeon or orthopedic doctor. If due to a blunt trauma or fall, pain and swelling are present, it could be a fracture. There should be no movement of the affected area until the doctor examined the rays X, if necessary. Follow the following instructions in case of a home accident.

Minor home accident such as a burn or a cut and sore can be treated at home. Take the following simple principles, so that treatment is not unduly affected and one minor home accident is not something worse.

Our environment is full of many bacteria, both pathogenic and nonpathogenic. Our skin is constantly in contact with the environment, but does not allow microbial contamination enter the body. In fact, skin is the most effective barrier to invasion by bacteria. But when there is a breach of the surface due to a cut or wound, a burn as in a home accident, these microorganisms on the skin surface to access and infect the wound and underlying tissue. Immediately begin to multiply and produce inflammation and pus formation. This prevents the rapid recovery and healing. If no organizations, no infection and repair business processes unhindered. Therefore, when there is a breach of the skin surface, do not give time to infect organisms invade and multiply in the tissues. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, clean hands, clean the cut or wound and the surrounding area with an antiseptic (eg alcohol, Dettol, etc.) immediately, without loss of time and apply a sterile bandage. For small areas in a home accident, such as reducing the fingers, sauces as “band-aid” is convenient and easily available. No medicine is needed if the wound is badly infected, but not moving in a sterile bandage to get the patch, because you entered the wrong infection. Remember the time factor is important in a home accident, do not give the organisms time to grow and multiply.

Normally, antibiotics are not effective if the wound is clean and tidy and maintained in this state until it healed. But if it is dirty and infected, antibiotics are necessary. Consult your doctor.
If the home accident is a burn or scald, reduce the high temperature of the affected part directly by pouring a stream of clean, cold water. This limits the extent of damage. Afterwards, dress as above. Remember, the burned area in a home accident is initially sterile, ie not contaminated due to the intense heat. There has been infected by the application of oil or ointment. In case of major burns, after pouring water, put a clean sheet over the burned area and take the patient to hospital. It is important not to apply to the burned area, because it only protect you rot.
Do not forget to get a tetanus toxoid, particularly if you puncture wound, such as a nail or if the wound is large.
If pain, swelling and fever is present after a home accident, an infection may have occurred and the wound can become septic. Report to a doctor as soon as possible, if you or someone in your family is having a fever after being in a home accident. You may need antibiotics if pus has formed, it can open the wound, drainage of pus and clothing of the wound.

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