Child Accident

Child Accident is a common cause of death and injury in children. Most of these accidents occur at in the house. With a little care, Child Accident can be prevented. However, it should be noted that there is a good idea to completely isolate the children from the danger zone. Of course, exposure to risk should be carefully calculated in a manner consistent with the child’s age.

The following tips may help:
• Children, especially those under one year, subject to choke or suffocate. Food, toys, coins, buttons, etc. can cause this to happen.
• Baby food should not be Amorphous since they are not old enough to chew. That should be introduced to solid foods gradually and carefully.
• Coins, buttons and other small items should be kept away from the baby.
• At a time when the baby starts to become mobile, capable of getting something from the floor and later in the table. Beware of plastic bags that can suffocate him or toxic materials such as kerosene, nail polish remover, acid, drugs, detergents, soap, paint, pesticides, etc., which can poison the baby. These data should never be stored on the floor, but far beyond its capacity.
• Never leave your baby unattended on a chair or stool.
• Do not give pillows for infants under one year, which can suffocate.
• Keep boiling tea or milk, hot pans and kettles from a child.
• Chemicals used in the garden (fertilizers and pesticides) are the most dangerous. Keep them under lock and key to decrease Child Accident incidences.
• Never give drugs or in the dark, read the label first as ingestion of wrong medicines is a common Child Accident.
• Keep all medications in a locked cabinet child-proof, separated from the insecticide chemicals, and medicines for external use.
• Do not take the tablets in the presence of children, as they tend to mimic the action.
• Store medicines in syrup away from children because they sometimes drink the whole bottle if they like the taste.
• All fans and heaters to childproof guards, both small hands and fingers can not pass; you get the information on a hill away from them to reduce the possibility of Child Accident.
• Children have a natural tendency to explore. They stand on a chair or stool and bend down, thus preventing injuries and fractures. Teach them how to balance a chair or stool.
• Never attach a chain or cord around the neck of the child.
• Encourage children to play in a playground or park, playing on the street or in the middle of traffic is dangerous.
• Children should be taught not to hang on moving vehicles to prevent Child Accident.
• Children under the age of six or seven should always play under the watchful eye of an adult.
• When driving, paying great attention to children and elderly people in the street. Before you start your vehicle always check backwards. People in the rear of the vehicle, such as young children are not visible from the driver’s seat.
• Always ride with your children when crossing a road to learn how to do the same to avoid Child Accident.
• Children under 12 should not be allowed to drive only road.
They have the right to circle and you should go cycling with them so they can learn how to cycle and knowledge of traffic rules and gain grip.
• Young children should never travel in the front seat of the car, not even in the lap of an adult. In case of conflict, it would be impossible for adults to protect the baby.
• Provide children with a special belt or harness in the car that is suitable for their age.

Child accident claim for compensation will never return your child back. So it is always better to avoid the Child Accident as much as possible.

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