Bladder Cystitis

When there is a bacterial or viral infection in the urinary bladder it leads to a condition known as bladder cystitis. According to statistical reports there is a very high level of incidence of bladder cystitis infection. Most of the infections may be caused due to bacteria. In common cases bladder cystitis may also be caused due to a viral infection.

A urine culture investigation report will suggest the presence of bacterial growth of genus Escherichia Coli cultures. This infection can be spread to other parts of the body through the infected urine of the individual suffering from bladder cystitis. In many cases recurring bladder cystitis may lead to infection in the kidneys. The associated symptoms of a mild kidney infection or pyelonephritis include, fever with chills and aches in joints and flanks.

The incidence of urinary tract infection is more in women who are sexually active. In certain cases, where the woman does not follow hygienic habits after the sexual activity then it could increase the risk of contracting bladder cystitis infection. Bacteria proliferate in warm moist conditions therefore it is important to keep the area clean and dry in order to avoid infections. When wiping after a bowel movement, one must wipe from front to backwards or else it could lead to infection of the E coli bacteria that are available in the fecal matter.

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