Xanthogranulomatus Pyelonephritis

Sometimes a case of xanthogranulomatus pyelonephritis may be linked to renal cell carcinoma. By definition, xanthogranulomatus pyelonephritis is a condition where there is serious kidney infection that is caused due to infection from kidney stones. This is a chronic infection, as there is extensive scarring of the kidneys leading to kidney failure.

Patients suffering from xanthogranulomatus pyelonephritis will be showing various symptoms like lower abdominal and flank pain. They will be showing other signs of infection like fever, involuntary weight loss, reduction in appetite and malaise. There will be an increased level of lower urinary tract infection and macroscopic hematuria.

A blood test examination may reveal bacterial inflammation in the body while a subsequent urinalysis will reveal signs of UTI. The urine culture test may reveal Escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, kblesiella, and streptococcus faecalis. In certain cases, there may be symptoms like recurring fever and this condition is very common with middle aged women. When it occurs in children it may show varying symptoms. The doctor may prescribe various medicines for the treatment of xanthogranulomatus pyelonephritis. But in advanced stages, surgical removal of the kidney would be the only option. But if the patient wants to avoid the surgery, then constant monitoring with watchful waiting would be the only other alternative.

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