PCI stenting

There is a common notion, that a PCI stenting is used for treatment of various ailments associated with the artery. But actually there are various types of stents and they are applied in the urinary tract, urethral or prostatic stent, vascular and peripheral stents are being applied in the treatment of various diseases. The term PCI stenting is synonymous with the word “tube” that is inserted into a natural passage in the human body.

The PCI stenting is useful for preventing disease induced and localized flow constriction in the body. In various surgical procedures a PCI stenting is applied in order to gain access to the site of surgery. The surgeons make use of stenting graft for performing the surgery. It has a tubular structure that is supported by metallic structure. This metallic port of the graft is the PCI stenting. Since most stents do not have a covering and they appear to be a mesh of wires in tubular form. The stenting graft is mainly applied in surgeries requiring vascular intervention.

When there is aneurysm in the arteries, the surgeon may introduce stents graft in order to regular the flow of flood in the various weak pints in the vessels. In most cases involving abdominal aortic aneurysm the condition can be healed with the aid of stents. Thus with the aid of the stents, there is regulation of blood flow in the vessels.

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