Resistant Hypertension

The modern day lifestyle has become increasingly sedentary and there are high levels of stress involved. According to the clinicians as well as experts, the increase in the incidence of resistant hypertension can be attributed to the modern day lifestyle. Moreover, resistant hypertension is more prevalent in the elderly. Other major factors also include obesity and other underlying diseases that lead to resistant hypertension.

In this condition there will be persistent elevated blood pressure levels. Pseudo resistance also adds to the resistant hypertension as it induces lack of blood pressure control that is propelled by poor medicine administration. The etiology of the persistent hypertension is multifactorial and the treatment often involves lifestyle changes in the individual.

According to research it has been found that genetics and hereditary factors also play an important role in this disease. The treatment involves systemic assessments with a combination of three to four drugs. Patients suffering from this form of hypertension will be at a greater risk for cardiovascular diseases. Certain disorders like diabetes, chronic kidney disease, atherosclerotic disease and sleep apnea have been linked to resistant form of hypertension. Major lifestyle changes that lead to loss of excess weight contribute to prevention or treatment of this disease and contribute to long term management of the disease.

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