Pyloric Stenosis in Newborns

When a newborn baby is showing signs of projectile vomiting, the pediatrician may conduct a test in order to diagnose pyloric stenosis in newborns. An ultrasound will be useful in confirming the occurrence of pyloric stenosis in newborns. It has been found that pyloric stenosis is the most common form of gastrointestinal obstruction found in newborn babies.

Almost every pediatrician will tell you that pyloric stenosis in newborns is very common. It has been diagnosed in most babies within the range of three to six weeks. In this condition the newborn baby will be vomiting excessively. An examination of the vomit will show that it does not contain bile juice. This is due to obstruction in the pylorus that prevents the bile juice from flowing back into the stomach.

The newborn baby will be unable to empty the formula in the stomach and this is vomited by the newborn baby. In the emergency when there is pyloric stenosis in newborns, initially the infant will be treated for dehydration. This is done with intravenous fluids that replenish the electrolyte balance. This may take a time period of one or two days and after this step the doctor may advice surgery which is strategic for treating pyloric stenosis in newborns.

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