Pyloric Sphincter

The pyloric sphincter is a valve that is located at the end of the pyloric canal that is the region of the stomach that connects to the duodenum. The pyloric canal is preceded by the pyloric atrum that is linked to the stomach. The pyloric sphincter can be compared to a strong ring of smooth muscles. The functioning of the pyloric sphincter is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system It is specifically the celiac ganglion that control the movement of the pyloric sphincter muscles.

The pyloric canal regulates the flow of food from the stomach into the small intestine. In case of certain disorders that lead to thickening of the pyloric sphincter, surgical intervention may e required. There may be an obstruction due to stomach cancer and this case the pyloric canal will not be able to empty the contents of the stomach into the duodenum.

The specialists may advice pyloric stenting for the treatment of this condition. In the process the doctor will surgically connect the stomach to the small intestine with a special tube. This tube is commonly referred to as the pyloric stent. The doctor may also recommend changes in diet and lifestyle in order to reduce the complications associated with pyloric stenosis. It has been found that hereditary factors also play an important role in the process of pyloric stenosis.

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