Pulmonary Oedema

When there is fluid accumulation in the lungs , this condition is referred to as pulmonary oedema. If untreated the condition could be fatal as there is impairment of the process of gas exchange in the lungs. There can be various causes of pulmonary oedema. According to specialists, edema in the lungs may indicate an underlying congestive heart failure and it is referred to as cardiogenic pulmonary oedema.

In non cardiogenic cases an injury in the parenchyma of the lungs could lead to the collection of excess fluid in the lungs. Although the focus is on the underlying cause of pulmonary edema, the medical practitioner will try to enhance the reparatory process by resolving all underlying problems. A patient suffering from edema in lungs will be showing various symptoms like difficulty in breathing combined with excessive sweating. There may be blood associated with  excessive coughing and he will also show signs of anxiety and stress.

In mild cases there can be various symptoms that indicate the presence of excessive fluid in the lungs. In this situation the patient will be urinating excessively during the night. Ankle oedema is also a hallmark symptom associated with excessive water in lungs The patient will also complain from inability or shortness of breath when lying down one flat surface and thus he will be able to sleep only in the elevated position.

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