Pulmonary Oedema Causes

According to a study conducted in order to observe the various pulmonary oedema causes in the population it was found that there are three categories including the common pulmonary cases, very are pulmonary cause and other causes. When a patient is showing signs of pulmonary edema, it may be related to underlying heart ailments. This is known as cardiogenic pulmonary edema that is caused mainly due to congestive heart failure. When there is a heart failure in the right ventricle, it may also lead to pulmonary edema; Myocardial infarctions in diabetics are typical known to cause the collection of excessive fluids in the lungs. Respiratory infections like pneumonia are some of the known pulmonary oedema causes that have to be treated with antibiotics. When an individual has a medical history of heart diseases, a stroke could lead to pulmonary edema.

The are other pulmonary oedema causes that are rarely associated with signs of lung edema. In the case of acute respiratory distress syndrome there is be accumulation of excessive fluids in the lungs. Infection caused by Hantavirus can also lead to respiratory problems like edema.

Other pulmonary oedema causes include lung edema due to altitude sickness. In certain cases the individual may develop anaphylactic reactions that lead to  excessive water in lungs. Exposure to excessive chlorine gas may also impair the lungs as it will lead to edema of lungs.

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