Pulmonary edema

Pulmonary edema is a condition where there is accumulation of excessive fluids around the lungs and if untreated it may also progress into a life threatening condition. It has been found that are many factors that lead to pulmonary edema. Sometimes there may be a combination of various factors that causes pulmonary edema.

When pulmonary edema is caused due to various underlying factors associated with cardiac ailments then it is known as cardiogenic pulmonary edema. On the contrary when the edema is caused due to various other factors like pulmonary hypotension can also lead to pulmonary edema that is of non cardiogenic nature. Lung edema can be mild as well as acute. In mild cases the doctor may prescribe oral medication in order to reduce the edema. While on the other hand if the edema is acute it can be potentially dangerous and life threatening. Therefore the patient must be immediately give medical aid and the underlying causes of the pulmonary edema must be addressed. In case of acute pulmonary edema the patient will be suffering from shortness of breath and this is associated with labored breathing. Therefore it would be important to provide supply of oxygen and diuretics in order to bring down the lung edema.

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