Pps Murmur

There are many misconceptions regarding pps murmur, as the parents think that something is seriously wrong with their child. But, according to the experts it is perfectly normal for an infant to show signs of a pps murmur. There are many children who are growing and developing normally in spite of reports suggesting a heart murmur.

Pps murmur refers to peripheral pulmonary stenosis, and this does not indicate any complications in the heart. When an infant is born, his branch pulmonary arteries will be very small. Thus, when the blood coming from the arteries of the heart, enter the small pulmonary arteries then may make a murmur sound. A typical pps murmur may sound like a whooshing sound.

The murmur in the heart of infants is caused due to a whooshing sound coming from the small pulmonary arteries. This can also be compared to the whooshing sound of water that passes a great pressure into the garden hose. Therefore one need not worry when a peripheral pulmonary murmur is diagnosed in their baby.

Sometimes, the doctor may even advise the parents to return after a year to check for any recurrence of the murmur sound. Thus one need not get alarmed when the doctor says that there is a pps murmur in the baby’s heart.

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