Indapamide is a mild diuretic, chemically related to chlorthalidone; reduces BP at doses which cause little diuresis. Electrolyte disturbances and K loss are minimal at antihypertensive doses. In post-stroke patients, indapamide, with or without ACE inhibitor, reduces the risk of further stroke. It probably has additional vasodilator action exerted through alteration of ionic fluxes across vascular smooth muscle cell.

Indapamide 2.5 mg is well absorbed orally, has an elimination t½ of 16 hr. Single daily dose (2.5 mg) is enough.

Indapamide medication commercial preparations are LORVAS, NATRILIX 2.5 mg tab, NATRILIX-SR 1.5 mg SR tab

It is well tolerated:

Indapamide side effects are minor g.i. symptoms and fatigue. Hypokalaemia is infrequent.

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