G6pd Hemolytic Anemia

G6pd hemolytic anemia is a rare enzyme abnormality caused due to a deficiency in the production of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase  that cause  premature destruction of RBC’s. There are various symptoms associated with the g6pd hemolytic anemia. This condition can lead to neonatal jaundice. It is asymptomatic and can lead to fever that is accompanied by chills. The individual may be suffering from abdominal pain and back pain.

g6pd hemolytic anemia can lead to retardation of kidney function and there is considerable paleness of yellowing of skin and eyes. The urine analysis of an individual affected by g6pd hemolytic anemia will show darkened urine color. The individual will be having fatigue, rapid heart rate and shortness of breath as there is anemia due to destructions of red blood cells.

Treatment of this the g6pd deficiency includes effective management of diabetes, diet and lifestyle management. The doctor may recommend various products for bringing down the high levels of cholesterol that are associated with g6pd deficiency.

It is very important to diagnose g6pd hemolytic anemia, which if untreated could lead to various complications. Hemolytic anemia is a condition where the red blood cells are destroyed. Other complications include hydrops fetalis, Heinz bodies and neonatal jaundice.

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