Fenofibrate is another 2nd generation prodrug fibric acid derivative which has greater HDL-CH raising and greater LDL-CH lowering action than other fibrates. Hence Fenofibrate may be more appropriate as an adjunctive drug in subjects with raised LDL-CH levels in addition to raised TG levels. No rise in LDL-CH has been observed in patients with high TG levels. Its t½ is 20 hr.

Fenofibrate side effects

The commonly seen adverse effects with this cholesterol lowering drug are myalgia, hepatitis, rashes. Cholelithiasis and rhabdomyolysis can also result from its use although it is very rare. Fenofibrate appears to be the most suitable fibrate for combining with statins, because statin metabolism is minimally affected and enhancement of statin. The risk for the development of Myopathy is lower when compared with the other cholesterol lowering drugs that are available for clinical use.

Fenofibrate indications

Indications of fenofibrate are similar to that of gemfibrozil.

Dose: 200 mg OD with meals.

FENOLIP, L1PICARD 200 mg cap.

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