Bleeding from nose

Bleeding from nose is a common symptom. Although frightening, only rarely is it serious and can be controlled easily. In patients of high blood pressure, it frequently acts as a safety valve.

Causes of Bleeding from nose

Common causes are: Local infection of the nose; fevers, especially typhoid fever; drying of the nasal mucosa of which excessive smoking can be a cause; picking of the nose; sudden severe rise of blood pressure. Bleeding tendency or overdose of anticoagulant drugs can cause severe bleeding.

Treatment of Bleeding from nose

• sit on a chair with head bent forwards.

• keep a towel under the nose.

• don’t breathe through the nose but through the mouth.

• don’t sniff or blow the nose.

• apply ice or cold compress to the affected side of the nose and pinch it for a few minutes; usually this will stop the bleeding from nose.

• spit out any blood in the throat.

• if bleeding does not stop, cautery of the bleeding vessel and packing of the nose may be necessary; this will be done by an ENT surgeon.

• consult your doctor; diagnosis of the cause and its treatment may be important, especially in case high blood pressure or overdose of anticoagulant drug is the cause. In the latter case, the dose may have to be reduced for the bleeding from nose to stop.

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